Why was Vélez vs. suspended? Central Córdoba and the controversy between Security and the LPF

The authorities reported that due to the impossibility of the City Security to provide service, the game on the 19th date is postponed.

Vélez and Central Córdoba of Santiago del Estero They had to face each other this Tuesday, from 4:30 p.m., in the duel corresponding to the date 19 of the Professional League 2022but the meeting was suspended due to the lack of police operation.

“Due to the impossibility of CABA Security to provide service, the match between Vélez and Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero for matchday 19 of the Tournament is postponed for a date to be determined”the League wrote in a brief tweet reporting the decision.

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The problem for the City Security agency is that opposes providing two operations for sporting events on the same day within your jurisdiction. It should be remembered that this afternoon, but at 7:00 p.m. he also plays as a local Huracán at the Tomás Adolfo Ducó (receives Central Barracks). To this should be added the recital of Dua Lipa in the Polo Field, for which the authorities expect more than 65 thousand people.

Beyond the fully compressed schedule of the tournament due to the particular year with the Qatar World Cup in November and December to find a new date for the meeting, this is a tremendous logistical upheaval for the team from Santiago, which has been in the Federal Capital since yesterday to wait for this match.

In principle Velez I wasn’t going to play this Tuesday against Central Cordobabut the date of the match was changed because the team he leads Alexander Medina must face Independent by Argentine Cup.

The modification of the date was not notified with adequate time to the security of CABA and therefore when the service was arranged in the comparison HurricaneCentral Barracks there won’t be for the clash that was to be played at the José Amalfitani.

Abel Balbo, on the suspension of Vélez vs. Central Córdoba: “All this could be avoided”

Abel Balbo, on the suspension of Vélez vs. Central Cordoba:


Abel Balbo, on the suspension of Vélez vs. Central Cordoba:

Abel Balbus He assured that the news did not surprise him, since he recognized that the possibility had been handled, but he made clear his discomfort with the handling of the situation by the leaders of Velez.

In addition, the coach Central Cordoba He highlighted the willingness of his team not to “take advantage” and explained that he will follow the agenda as he had scheduled: this afternoon he will train in Buenos Aires and tomorrow he will return to Santiago del Estero.

“All this could be avoided, it was logical that the game be suspended, because we understand that Vélez has to play many games together. But they could have handled it in another way. Messyness on the part of the people of Vélez, not another”assured balbus in dialogue with TyC Sports.

The CABA Security version after the suspension of Vélez vs. Central Córdoba (SdE)

The authorities assured that the game was scheduled for Thursday 15, but that from the Professional League they rescheduled it for Tuesday the 13th, despite the fact that they were repeatedly warned, and by note on September 7, that it could not be done due to the multiplicity of events. And that with a lot of effort they were able to change the date of River vs. Banfield.

Marcelo D’AlessandroMinister of Justice and Security of the City, spoke in The Nation+ and assured: “What was planned at the time, was changed and two games were set for today, Tuesday, where we have more activities and the resource is very limited. We handle these cases with the Infantry so as not to affect the neighborhood police We told them that if they changed the schedule for us, they were going to determine which game was played and which wasn’t.”

The version of the Professional League after the suspension of Vélez vs. Central Córdoba (SdE)

The Argentine soccer body hinted at its discomfort with the decision of the CABA Security. All for a matter of numbers in logistics, since the police operation of Vélez vs. Central Córdoba needed 220 troops, the same amount required by Hurricane vs. Central Barracks.

While a recital at the Hippodrome of Palermo for more than 65 thousand people (equal to the number of fans that River moves every time it plays at home) is carried out with 120.

However, River vs. Banfield will need 1,000 police officers, exactly 227 fewer than the Superclásico against Boca in La Bombonera required.

Communiqué from Central Córdoba pointing to Vélez for the suspension of the match

“That the suspension of the aforementioned meeting was arranged by the Football Security Committee of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and is based on the impossibility of providing security coverage at the Velez Sarfield stadium, as a consequence of the performance of a artistic event at the Campo Argentino de Polo, which was communicated to our institution on September 12, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.

In this sense, and considering that the artistic event to which the public body refers, as well as the match with the Velez Sarfield Club, were scheduled considerably in advance, the grounds put forward by the Football Safety Committee of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires to support the suspension of the meeting, which is why we reserve the right to raise the corresponding protest to the Disciplinary Court of the Argentine Football Association, since we did not find a reason of force majeure that disclaims responsibility to the local club due to the impossibility of organizing the event, who, far from seeking a solution, have adopted a passive behavior regarding the decision of the public body that prevents the match from being held.

The sporting and economic damages caused to our institution by this arbitrary and unusual decision, notified less than 24 hours before the match, are clear. Our professional team has been in the city of Buenos Aires since yesterday, with all that moving from our city means, and the defense of our interests prevails in a circumstance of which we are totally unrelated”reads part of the letter.

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