Why Erling Haaland decided not to join Real Madrid

Erling Haaland disallowed joining Real Madrid in the pre-summer since it wasn’t as extraordinary a fit for him as Manchester City, primarily in light of the presence of Karim Benzema at the Bernabeu and the possible future appearance of Kylian Mbappe.

City spent the mid year of 2021 inadequately endeavoring to persuade Tottenham to sell Harry Kane and ended up investigating the 2021/22 season without an apparent central striker.


The Premier League support then, got without skipping a beat in the 2022 summer window to get Haaland and compensate for that deficiency. The Norwegian was similarly a goal for Barcelona, who took out over reserves and finally landed Robert Lewandowski, and for Real Madrid.

In any case, he picked Manchester City. Not only is are City the club he grew up supporting – his father Alf-Inge Haaland played for the club some place in the scope of 2000 and 2003 – it was moreover the best decision by then.

Erling Haaland uncovers how he celebrated ‘crazy’ Man City title win in 2012 “You can’t really [say no to Real Madrid],” Alf-Inge yielded on Viaplay’s new story Haaland: The Choice.

In any case, the father and expert continued to figure out why Real wasn’t great for his youngster.

“We have an action at the highest point of the need list, who needs a ‘9’? Manchester City is a 10, it is the best decision, while Real Madrid is a 5 or a 6 because of how Benzema is playing now. Will they sort out some way to sign Mbappe?” the surrendered shield said.

Certifiable president Florentino Perez offered similar reasoning why Haaland didn’t wind up in Madrid while discussing it move in June: “We have the best nine on earth and we will not get Haaland to have him on the seat, right?”

Real eventually didn’t land Mbappe, who marked one more concurrence with Paris Saint-Germain in light of everything. In any case, Benzema is at this point solid areas for going scoring more than 40 targets unprecedented for his occupation in 2021/22 – he at this point has another four of each and every five games so far in 2022/23.

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