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Turbulent prospects: After the summery start to the week, the temperature will continue to drop until Saturday. There will be some strong thunderstorms at first, accompanied by gusty south-west to west winds. On Saturday snow is in sight up to around 1500 m. In Arosa and Davos it should be white.

Thunderstorms and wind until Thursday

There are always shower clouds over Switzerland. There will also be thunderstorms until Thursday and a moderate south-west to west wind will blow in the lowlands: the gusts will reach around 50 km/h. Strong westerly winds and squalls are to be expected on the mountains.

Daily rain showers

From Thursday to Saturday, precipitation often falls, especially on the northern slopes of the Alps and in the foothills of the Alps. Until Friday evening, the precipitation will mostly fall in the form of rain. Elsewhere, rainfall levels tend to be light, with the exception of local thunderstorms.

On Friday and at the weekend onset of winter in the Alps


Descent of the snow line to around 1500 m

The days are written at the beginning at midnight.

SRF Weather

On Friday evening, the snowfall line will drop to around 2000 m. With the persistent northerly backwater, snowfall is to be expected, especially on the central and eastern northern slopes of the Alps. On Saturday it snows down to around 1500 m. In the valleys, white landscapes are possible even below 1500 m with intensive precipitation. Winter road conditions can therefore be expected on the higher Alpine and foothill passes. The conditions also become correspondingly more difficult for alpine descents. From Friday to Sunday, there will be 20 to 50 cm of fresh snow in the Alps above 2000 m, locally up to 80 cm are possible.

September snow in the Alps is not uncommon

Stormy north foehn in the south on Saturday

North Föhn sets in on Friday, but only reaches storm force on Saturday. The peak winds in Ticino and in the southern valleys of Graubünden are between 60 and 90 km/h. As of Sunday, the North Föhn will continue to blow moderately.

It stays cool

Temperatures on the north side of the Alps remain low for the time of year for a few days. As of Sunday, the highs in the lowlands are around 16 degrees and the lows are around 7 degrees. Only towards the end of the next week are higher values ​​in sight again. Nevertheless, more snow in the mountains is hardly to be expected because there is no heavy precipitation.

Weather at noon, September 14th

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