Viktoria Plzen – Inter Milan | Champions League: Inter debuts ‘at half gas’ against Plzen

ORn little Inter was enough to get the first three points in the Champions League. Inzaghi’s men did not display their best game, in fact they missed many opportunities. But a benchmark Dzeko and a Dumfries ‘roadrunner’ version finished off a Viktoria Plzen which was diluted after Bucha’s expulsion.

The duel began with a shot attempt by Mosquera and a harangue towards his fans, and there was the first half of the czechs As far as attack is concerned, they dedicated their efforts to withdrawing ranks to go on the counterattack. Inter, at half throttle, went ahead in the light with a great play by Correa. The Argentine held it, attracted the defenders, turned around to leave the ball to an Edin Dzeko absolutely only that the cross before Stanek.

The interim attack was based on local fouls and statistics that incited to put more advantage on the scoreboard, and it almost happened when in a local counterattack, Dzeko sent the shot to the body of a Stanek who cleared the four shots on goal in the first half.

Inzaghi’s men left the locker room with the idea of ​​resolving the match as soon as possible, but there it was Stanek to clear a perfect header from Bastoni that slipped through his left stick. Dumfries, with a freeway on his side, finished off a cross slightly high. Inter began to waste very clear chances, but the duel uneven when Bucha arrives late and kicks Barella in the leg, prior consultation of the VAR by Schrer. Already with a wounded Plzen, a sensational pass from Dzeko left only Dumfries to put the peace in the Italian team.

In the last minutes, Inter continued the half-gas pattern of the match, that helps him to overcome the procedure in the Czech Republic, but that he surely needs more to face Bara.

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