Today is the deadline to register for Previaje: the most chosen destinations in the country

The deadline is for travel between November 1 and December 5

The Previaje program, promoted by the National Ministry of Tourism with the aim of encouraging travel within the country and thus supporting one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, will close this Wednesday, September 14. This will be, in effect, the last day in which purchases can be made in tourist destinations in Argentina that can later be entered on the official website of the program to obtain refunds of up to 30%.

The services include hotel reservations and packages in agencies to be made on trips between November 1 and December 5. Meanwhile, the upload of vouchers will be enabled on the web until tomorrow Thursday September 15.

On the official website of the program, tourists and hikers who travel to different destinations in Argentina must upload the documents for each expense included in the trip, thus obtaining a credit that will later be partially compensated with reimbursements by the State.

Image of the official site that allows the start of the process to enter the receipts and obtain credit for the partial reimbursement of travel expenses
Image of the official site that allows the start of the process to enter the receipts and obtain credit for the partial reimbursement of travel expenses

The government celebrated the results of the application of this incentive policy to a sector of the economy. The third edition of Previaje – they indicated – exceeded all expectations, invigorating and enhancing the low season. “An example that illustrates the impressive impact: a single day of loading Previaje 3 vouchers was equivalent to a whole week of the also successful second edition” reported the area. In this way, close to a million tourists will be mobilized during October, November and early December for the benefit of thousands of tourism providers and items related to the hotel, gastronomy and cultural industry throughout Argentina.

Likewise, the distribution of the chosen destinations shows the diversity of options that the Argentine territory has for those who enjoy traveling. “Buenos Aires was the most chosen province with 12% of tourists, followed by Río Negro (10%), Misiones (9%), Salta (8%), City of Buenos Aires (8%), Mendoza (7%). ), Santa Cruz (7%), Córdoba (7%), Chubut (6%), Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands (6%), Neuquén (4%), Jujuy (4%) and others” .

The third edition of Previaje is intended to promote tourism in the low season
The third edition of Previaje is intended to promote tourism in the low season

Among the items most loaded by those who until yesterday had registered their getaways on the web, 52% of the vouchers corresponded to travel agencies, 25% to accommodation services, 17% to air transport and 4% to land transport .

“Previaje is a historic investment by the National State that began the reactivation of the domestic tourism sector after its greatest global crisis. The program benefited 6 million people, with an economic impact close to $200 billion”, they reply from the Ministry of Tourism.

How the third edition of Previaje differs from the previous ones:

– On this occasion, the Pre-Trip 3 calendar is more limited since it will only work for travel between October 10 and December 5. In this way, it seeks to promote travel during the spring low season.

Those who travel during this period will have to upload their vouchers until today, September 14, on the website In addition, to travel between November 1 and December 5, you can upload your vouchers until September 21.

– As it is low season, the maximum return cap per Argentine user over 18 years of age will be $70,000 pesos, and not $100,000 as in previous editions.


– Another difference is that in this edition the Government agreed on maximum prices with the country’s hoteliers as a condition for the establishments to participate in the Pre-trip 3. Those who have not agreed, and are going to charge more for a standard double room, will not be part of the tourism promotion program.

– The credit obtained through the Pre-trip can be used in all the services of the “tourist chain” from the start date of the trip and until December 31, 2022.

Said chain is not only made up of hotels, flights or excursions, but also shops related to gastronomy, theater and cinematographic shows, among other shops adhered to the program that seeks to promote tourism during one of the low seasons of the year.


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