“The government does not know what to do with Francia Márquez, who seems to be in Nasa, instead of Cauca”: Christian Garcés

A month after Gustavo Petro took office, the country does not know where Vice President Francia Márquez is. At least, the leadership that he showed in the presidential campaign and that allowed him to win more than 800,000 voters in the presidential elections on March 13 has been daunted because the second representative figure of the Government is still not clear about his role in the next four years.

This Tuesday, September 13, when a sector of the country, especially the left, demanded the presence of Márquez on the national stage, the director of Dapre, Mauricio Lizcano, confirmed that, through Decree 1874 of September 9, 2022, They delegated “important functions to the vice president in order to build equity to achieve total peace.”

While it is known that Márquez will not have power over any ministry, will not have a bureaucracy or budget and the creation of the Ministry of Equality, to which he aspired in the campaign, has not yet taken shape, the congressman from the Democratic Center Christian Garcés assured “that Francia Márquez seems which is in Nasa instead of Cauca”.

Do you think the vice president “It was used as a symbol of the nobodies and to generate expectations for the entire impoverished Colombian population and indignant that with the government of Petro they were going to live tasty, but now she cannot find her role in the Government due to the little preparation and knowledge she has. Nor does the Petro government know what to do with it,” he opined.

Garcés said that in the first month the vice president advanced an international tour visiting the Latin American left in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia “robbing them of the Show to Gustavo Petro and ended up in Nasa instead of Cauca”.

According to the congressman, she should be present in her department, “where her Afro community is persecuted, beaten and killed by different violent actors, including indigenous people who are invading, in some cases backed by armed people.”

Garcés recalled that in the middle of the presidential campaign, Francia Márquez generated the expectation of giving land to anyone who did not have it, “but already in the Government he ends up holding a press conference where he gives the ultimatum together with the ministers of Agriculture and the Interior, in addition to Juliane Jules, from the eviction of the premises in 48 hours. This was not done.”

Why has Francia Márquez not gone to Cauca, her department, during this month and in the midst of the land conflict in her department? Garcés replied that sources have told him that the vice president and her Afro community “are part of the conflict. She even has the rejection of other Afro communities, but she additionally does not have the capacity to solve the problem”.

For this reason, he insisted that the vice president “is still being used as a symbol, as political propaganda for a speech and a narrative with which they deceived the Colombian people in the elections.”

“She is entangled in her own labyrinth. She was very good at protesting, generating outrage, setting the country on fire, even slandering and promoting an environment that ended with young people facing Esmad, but when it comes to governing, they don’t know where to put her and she doesn’t find her role. She will end up like the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, because the Government, every time she opens her mouth, will fear that it will mess it up”, she concluded.

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