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ZüRICH-CITY, ZüRICH ZH, SERBIA, September 5, 2022 / — Global Investigation Department of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC announced that they closed Bank & Asset investigation case Nr. CH-Global-20220731 on missing money at OTP Bank Serbia Ltd., on today press conference. The report about financial investigation Nr. CH-Global-20220731 recommends a court process against OTP Bank Serbia Ltd., because the management of the bank did not pay the money from private aka current bank account to their ex-customer after closing the same account.

Swiss-Serbian citizen had a bank account at OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. Since February 2022 this citizen could not make payments any more. After complaint which was sent to the CEO, Legal Department, Bank President Office and Management of the OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. located in Novi Sad, on 8th February 2022, the bank decided to block his transactions, as he has no Serbian passport which was not true, and Bank had that in the KYC Files. They requested a resident permit for Serbia, to unblock the account, which was not needed as he had also a Serbian passport. Very fast Bank decided to close his bank account without any written announcement. The Swiss-Serbian citizen has noticed that something is wrong, and that he has not any more access to e-banking. As soon as he arrived in Serbia, he went to the local OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. and asked for explanation, they told him that the bank account is closed. He requested from Bank officer, to pay out of his money which left on bank account, but they said that they do not know how much money he had on his bank account, because of some cyber-bug which destroyed his bank data after 31.12.2021. The customer did know very well how much was on the Bank account, but could not prove this fact. The customer asked Bank officer how many customers were victims of this so called “cyber-bug” but did not receive the answer from the Bank officer.

In the meantime, the Customer was in the Bank during July 2022 and has written a few follow-up emails to OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. but till today without answer. The experts of the Swiss Security Solutions LLC found that they have enough evidence from the Bank customer to recommend and support the start of court process, because the management of the bank did not pay the money from private aka current bank account to their ex-customer after closing the same Bank account. On the other side, the described no verbal, phone or email communication to the customer about his disappeared assets or “cyber-bug incident”, make many thinking what is really going on here and which Vision, Mission and Quality goals are leading OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. The OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. was obligated to have all evidence on transactions in any way, paper or digital, according to Art. 41 and Art. 50 of the Serbian Law on Banks.

OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. Head Office is located at Trg Slobode 5, Novi Sad, Serbia with CHF 474M Share Capital, and with 2664 employees. In year 2021 the OTP Bank Serbia Ltd. had Net Income after tax of CHF 47.95M. Find more about OTP Bank Stock Trading:

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News – 45 billion US dollars investigated and secured by Swiss Security Solutions LLC


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