Something’s happening with extension support in Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android only supports a set of extensions selected by Mozilla. Nightly versions offer more choice – via a detour. It has been quiet for a long time as far as news in this area is concerned. Things are moving again now.

While Firefox for desktop operating systems offers a large selection of extensions, Firefox for Android users currently have exactly 18 extensions to choose from. If you want more, you have to use a Nightly version of Firefox and can install additional extensions via a user-defined collection – as long as Firefox for Android supports the extension interfaces used by the respective extensions. This has been the status for almost exactly two years. Nothing has changed since then, at least visibly.

In the meantime, there has definitely been work on expansion interfaces, sometimes more and sometimes less. Recently, there has been increased activity on Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug tracking system, where one ticket explicitly mentions Manifest v3 support in connection with Android, while another ticket vaguely mentions a Manifest v3 support in connection with an extension interface GAso general availability, speaks, although none of the currently recommended extensions currently use this interface. A few months ago, another ticket was posted by a developer regarding yet another extension interface that is currently not supported on Android, stating that it kind would be to support this interface.

While all of this is just circumstantial evidence that could potentially be interpreted in different ways, GitHub has gotten a little more specific on one thing: a new ticket was opened today by a Mozilla product manager with the goal of creating custom collections for Add -ons to activate even in beta versions.

While this still means a detour via custom collections, and doesn’t necessarily mean anything for final Firefox releases yet, it’s an expected intermediate step along the way should Mozilla actually plan to offer improved extension support for Android in the future. There is currently no official announcement on this subject.

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