Reschedule meeting and without the Government: what Chile asks Let’s go after subtracting from constitutional appointment | National

Through a statement, the leaders of Chile Vamos made a series of requests to Congress so that the meeting on the constitutional process be held on September 23 and that it be “without the presence of the Government at this stage.”

From Chile Vamos they sent a letter to the president of the Senate, Álvaro Elizalde, requesting that the meeting be rescheduled to address the continuity of the constitutional process and that it not have the presence of the Government.

Earlier, the leaders of this coalition made up of the UDI, RN and Evópoli announced that they will not attend the meeting scheduled for Thursday on this matter.

In this line, the leader of the RN, Francisco Chahuán, the helmsman of the UDI, Javier Macaya, and the president of Evópoli, Luz Poblete, listed in a statement a series of requests after they were subtracted from this week’s dialogue.

“We have participated promptly and in good faith in the space for dialogue promoted and generated by the National Congress, with the intention of discussing the continuity of the constitutional process, an issue that has arisen after the eloquent triumph of the Rejection option in the plebiscite,” indicated in the text.

Requests from Chile Let’s go

As a result of this, they ask that “the next session be rescheduled for next Friday, September 23, in order to work on specific proposals that require time to be decanted and thus expose seriousness and certainty in our proposals to the public. ”.

They also seek that “the composition of the instance be reconsidered, in which everyone has already been duly heard, in order to continue advancing more quickly, but that, in turn, it expresses the proportionality of the representation that the different parties they have in the national congress to make the constitutional reform decision that enables the process.”

“That this instance of discussion prior to any agreement be of exclusive parliamentary participation without the presence of the executive at this stage, in order to be able to deliberate autonomously as the National Congress.”

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