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The other day, I was scrolling through social media and I saw an ad for a new gaming table on Kickstarter. I checked it out and it looks freaking amazing. Project Ironside is a Kickstarter from Cloud Puncher Games for an extendable and modular gaming table starting at only $399. That’s very affordable considering many top options in the category start around $700-1000. So, it must not be able to do much, right? That’s why it’s cheap. Or maybe it’s small. Well, the measurements provided on the Kickstarter are a play area of 3’x5’ and it has a number of very useful features. First, it can grow. The team offers an extender that adds 2’ of length for a 3’x7’ gaming area or you can combine two tables together for a 6’x5’ or a 3’x10’ with possibly more combinations available to meet your needs that they don’t advertise. The side rails are only 2.5” wide to help maximize game space while minimizing physical space. In addition, you can purchase plush armrests to increase comfort while leaning over the table.

Another great feature is that it comes with wooden table toppers so you can stop and save mid-game. One of the biggest problems with playing long tabletop games is that you really have to plan things around meals and other things that may require the use of your table. Therefore, you have to find some way to save your game or convince people to not eat at the table for the day, etc. These polished, water-resistant rubberwood toppers quickly go into place over the game so the game state is saved. When properly used, the toppers will protect your game from spills, dust, etc. But wait, there’s more. Project Ironside includes metal legs that can be attached to the toppers so you can use them in a variety of ways. They can serve as a table on your table for an elevated play space. They can be used as side tables to hold the game box or other pieces, and more.

So, this sounds really good. In fact, it’s probably made with a bunch of particle board or something that will fall apart after a month or so, right? Well, according to the Kickstarter, it’s made of pure steel and can hold over 100kg or 220 lbs. The table has an airtight color coating available in Brilliant Black, Wondrous White, or Bravest Brown. Sounds good to me.

Other accessories you can grab for the table include a variety of neoprene playing surfaces, cup holders, deck and discard pile holders, modular bit holders, and much more. It really sounds like Cloud Puncher Games have thought about everything. You can learn everything about the table and back the project now on Kickstarter. What’s your current go-to gaming table?

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