Petro called Maduro to ask him to be the guarantor of the dialogues with the ELN

President Gustavo Petro formally asked Nicolás Maduro that Venezuela be one of the guarantor countries in the peace process with the ELN guerrilla which is about to start.

EL COLOMBIANO confirmed that this step was taken through a call between the two presidential palaces to address the issue and the Casa de Nariño is preparing a formal petition to the Miraflores Palace.

The application of Petro to Maduro It occurs in the midst of the reestablishment of relations between Colombia and Venezuela, a decision for which the reopening of borders has already been scheduled for September 26 and a summit between the two is expected in October.

In addition to Venezuela, Cuba, Chile and Spain have also expressed their interest in mediating in the peace talks and on the table is that Norway also remains the guarantor of this process.

The guarantor countries of this type of peace instances assume the role of intermediaries between the parties participating in the table so that the protocols of the dialogues are fulfilled and both parties respect each other.

This is work that ranges between diplomacy and political mediation to facilitate rapprochement, especially in circumstantial cases that involve parties in conflict, such as, in this case, the Colombian state and a guerrilla.

When Colombia signed peace with the extinct FARC, Norway was the mediator of that table and Cuba served as the venue. The island also facilitated the rapprochements that former President Juan Manuel Santos initiated with the THE N and that was later continued by his former president Iván Duque.

Even when Duque asked Havana to extradite the leaders of the elenos after the terrorist attack on the Police Cadet School in Bogotá, Cuba based its denial of that request on the international standards that it should follow as guarantor state.

However, in the case of the regime, its protagonism at the table could arouse controversy because Nicolás Maduro himself has been accused in international instances for alleged human rights violations that have already been documented by the United Nations, the OAS and HRW, among other instances.

Colombia is the country where the ELN guerrillabut that group also has influence on the border that connects with Venezuela and has been detected in the border area with Ecuador.

This is an armed group that moves from one side of the border to the other and commits criminal acts on both sides, a point where the President Petro’s agenda with Maduro’s.

The president’s call to the regime so that Venezuela has a seat at the peace table with the ELN is one of the most significant steps that the House of Nariño has taken in reestablishing diplomatic relations with the Miraflores Palace.

In that list of gestures between Colombia and Venezuela is the arrival of the eAmbassadors Armando Benedetti to Caracas and Félix Plasencia to Bogotáthe reactivation of binational trade and the total opening of the border.

Even Gustavo Petro announced another step that has sparked discord: file the complaint against Nicolás Maduro for human rights violations filed with the International Criminal Court.

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