PDP youths chase the party’s zonal vice chairman and other politicians from meeting venue for not providing mobilisation funds for youths

A PDP zonal vice chairman, a senatorial candidate, and other politicians were chased out of the hall during the Enugu West zonal meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu State.


The monthly meeting was holding at the Awgu party headquarters of the senatorial district when youths started to express their displeasure at the meager mobilization funds given to them.


The zonal vice chairman of the party, Chief Okey Ozoani, was presiding over the meeting when a youth representative complained that the youths in each local government get only N100,000 mobilisation funds.


He said that this means each person gets about N5,000 after the funds are shared among the youths in each ward.


The youth representative asked what they are to do with such a meager sum.


He and other youths then angrily chased the Zonal vice chairman and other politicians away from the high table and out of the venue.


PDP youths chase the party


A party official said: “What happened was that the zonal chairman had been trampling on people; he would treat people as if they didn’t matter.


“Last month, the zone was given about N1.7m but he ended up giving each of the five local government chapters N100, 000 and N20, 000 each to some of his men. So, he shared about N700, 000 and pocketed N1millon.


“That was what happened. The people are tired of his antics and they expressed it.”


Watch the moment youths chased the PDP politicians in the video below…



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