Pacific Drive announced, a driving survival horror coming to PS5 and PC in 2023

Ironwood Studios, a development studio founded in 2019 and made up of impeccably talented artists from companies such as Sucker Punch Productions, Insomniac Games, Irrational Games, Klei, 343 Industries, Bungie, Activision or Oculus, presented during the celebration of the State of play this morning Pacific Drive, a first-person driving survival horror set to land in 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PC. Its managers define this project as a “road-based first-person driving survival game”. You can take a look at the announcement trailer below:

Pacific Drive It will put us in the shoes of a pilot whose only companion is his precious car. The player will be able to recurrently visit a garage where they can repair, upgrade and equip your car to try to stay safe from various dangers that surround him in the depths of the surreal forests of the Pacific Northeast, a place where he will find “strange and dangerous” anomalies. Apparently, the main objective will be none other than to “pursue long-forgotten mysteries” and reach the heart of the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

Ironwood Studios founder explains what inspired the team to create Pacific Drive

“We love weird science, road trip adventure stories, and have always been intrigued by the dark and mysterious worlds of games like stalker or books like Annihilation“, said Alex Dracott, founder and creative director of Ironwood Studios. “In Pacific Drivewe have been able to unite these passions creating an adventure that will take you to the heart of the Pacific Northwest mounted on an old station wagon which, over time, can become your own substantially modified ’80s sci-fi machine to enhance, explore, and risk the dangers of the Zone.”

We leave you with some of the key features of the game:

  • Survival game in first person, based on the race.
  • Form a unique bond with a fully customizable car that develops its own quirks and personality.
  • Tense driving from the wheel, with moments of vulnerability when you go out to collect resources and make repairs.
  • From your upgradeable garage, each repeat trip to the Zone is unique and random.
  • System-based game that allows for player freedom, creativity, and experimentation.
  • Unravel a long-forgotten mystery of the Olympic Exclusion Zone as you explore a surreal, anomaly-ridden version of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Original score by Wilbert Roget, II, as well as a licensed soundtrack featuring local bands from the Pacific Northwest.

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