‘Obsession with John de Mol’

Johan Derksen last night lashed out at Angela de Jong, columnist for the AD. According to him, she is obsessive about John de Mol and he – if he were editor-in-chief of the newspaper – would instruct her not to write any more columns about the media mogul. “Your obsession with De Mol to give him a leg up is so great that you start to make mistakes.”

The two had it in last night Today Inside no less than 10 minutes long about her columns about John de Mol. They are starting to really oppose Johan Derksen, also known as ‘John de Mol’s spokesperson’, he said. That is why he felt that it should now be clear once and for all what he thought of Angela de Jong’s columns. “Crumpets,” he said. “You have something personal against John de Mol,” he snapped at her.

Johan Derksen expresses strong criticism of Angela de Jong columns

The conversation started in response to last Monday’s hard column, in which Angela de Jong was critical, among other things, of how John de Mol dealt with the autistic creator of the marble program. Marble Mania. But that column was not accepted by Johan Derksen. “I didn’t think that was relevant at all.”

Johan Derksen also did not agree with the criticism that John de Mol was not in the second ANGRYbroadcast about Talpa sat down. “You blamed De Mol for being too cowardly to sit with that ADHD boy with a beard (Tim Hofman, ed.). But he had a crap program with some suggestive things. It’s not that if he snaps his fingers, John de Mol has to show up.”

And then there’s Peter Gillis. „Yes, that camping owner, another hobby of yours. The production of Talpa went there to discuss what’s going on,” referring to the alleged abuse of Peter Gillis with his girlfriend Nicol. “They said it was a marital quarrel. Nothing really happened and there is no report. If the Public Prosecution Service does not initiate an investigation, nothing has happened.”

‘You are unbelievable’

That was not the case with Angela de Jong. “Hello, no investigation? There’s a lawsuit going on, huh.” All for the stage, according to Johan Derksen. “Just like I had to show up for a joke from 50 years ago (the candle joke, ed.), because the prosecutor wanted to get some publicity,” he knew. „But you tackle it all to put De Mol in a bad light. I find it shocking what you are doing.”

According to Johan Derksen, her editor-in-chief should call Angela de Jong to order. “They should address you on your columns, because you are unbelievable.”

Watch the 10-minute discussion below.

Angela de Jong: ‘Why do you lose sleep over the opinion of a housewife?’

Angela de Jong does not understand the criticism of Johan Derksen. “Why are you so awake now of an opinion of a housewife from Rotterdam?”, she wondered. “I don’t lose sleep over that at all,” Johan Derksen said back. “To be honest, when I write a column about John de Mol, I am always discussed here in the evenings. Then it is always that I dare to write something critical about the great De Mol.”

But Johan Derksen denies that he protects John de Mol. “I’m talking as a subscriber, aren’t I. You can write a pissed-off column, but you’re obsessive about the man.” But exactly how many columns she wrote about the media mogul, Johan Derksen was unable to name. “I don’t write that many either, count back,” said Angela de Jong.

‘You have something personal against John de Mol’

“You have something personal against De Mol”, that much is clear to Johan Derksen. “As editor-in-chief I would say to you: ‘Angela, not now’.” That is not the case with the columnist. “Well, those columns always score pretty well, so I don’t think that will happen.”

She also does not understand very well where Johan Derksen’s anger comes from. “I don’t really understand what’s so bad about a critical column about John de Mol every so often. I’m just a housewife from Rotterdam with an opinion, let it go.” Moreover, she finds Johan Derksen’s criticism hypocritical. “If I criticize other media bosses, such as Peter van der Vorst (RTL) or Frans Klein (NPO), I never hear you. It is always only at John de Mol.”

Because that name comes up very often, explains Johan Derksen. “I rather think that you have an obsession with me when I write something about John de Mol”, Angela de Jong bites back. „But we are talking about the most powerful man in Hilversum, you should follow him critically. But apparently when I write something about it, it’s pathetic.”

Johan Derksen calls Angela de Jong ‘a creep’

Johan Derksen explains that he has absolutely no pity for John de Mol. “What fascinates my columns then?” Angela de Jong asks. “Well, those bitches of yours are starting to annoy me.” Angela de Jong: “Then you don’t read them!”

But Johan Derksen ‘decides for himself whether he reads them’. And Angela de Jong? She ‘decides herself what she writes’. “And then I decide what I say about it,” says Derksen. He goes even further in his criticism of the ADcolumnist. “I find you repulsive in your pieces. You are so creative when it is not about John de Mol, that defines your character. You’re a bit of a creep, sometimes.”

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