Ñublense mixed up points and distanced himself from Colo Colo in a controversial tie with Everton

Ñublense entangled valuable points this Wednesday in their fight for the title of the Championship, after a controversial 1-1 draw against Everton in Viña del Mar, on the 25th.

The commitment was even in the first part and all the emotions came in the complement, marked by the controversial decisions of the referee Cristian Garay and the VAR.

In the 55th minute, in a play to the limit, Pedro Sanchez scored and unleashed the joy of the Viña del Mar fans. Nevertheless, from the VAR they called the referee to notify him that there was a previous offside, so that annulled the roulette conquest.

However, andGaray’s dialogue with those in charge of the VAR continued, despite the claims of Ñublense with María Belén Carvajal, the fourth referee. And at that moment the controversy broke out.

Garay decided to make the VAR review gesture, he went to the booth to review by himself the play: And determined that there was no offside, validating Everton’s goal.

Minutes later, another controversy arose, since Julio Barroso elbowed Patricio Rubio in the Everton area; and the referee again went to the VAR to charge the penalty.

From the 12 steps, captain Nicolás Vargas did not fail and decreed the final 1-1 draw (68′).

With the result, Ñublense added 43 points and was 11 behind Colo Colo; Everton, on the other hand, has 34 in ninth place, outside the international cup zone.

On the next day, after the FIFA Date break, Ñublense will face O’Higgins; and Everton will do the same against Palestine.

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