NCRI Badeggi releases 2 new rice varieties

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The Executive Director, National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI), Badeggi, in Niger, Dr Aliyu Umar, has said it had released two new rice varieties to Nigerian farmers.

Umar stated this in an interview in Badeggi Monday.

He said this was part of the mandate of the Institute in the efforts to bolster food security in the country.

The executive director said the new varieties are: TEGGOLD and 6444GOLD.

He said each of the new varieties could give a yield of 10 tonnes per hectare as against the 5-6 tonnes per hectare with the old varieties.

The NCRI boss said the development was an improvement in the local varieties that were giving between 1.2 to 1.5 tonnes per hectare.

In the same vein, the Institute has released two new varieties of acha to farmers across the nation. They are NCRIAH 1 and NCRIAH2.

Similarly, the institute has released two new varieties of castor seeds to farmers in the country. They are NCRICAS1 and NCRICAS2.

“These major research breakthroughs are expected to also boost the yields of farmers and boost food security,” the executive director said.

He added that NCRI is one of the 15 community research institutes in the country under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Umar said they have been given the mandate to conduct research into the genetic improvement of some mandated crops.

“Each research institute in Nigeria has a mandate to conduct cost effective research for improved rice, sugarcane and beniseed,” he explained.  

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