Natalia Valdebenito accuses harassment after the triumph of Rejection: “I will have to take other measures” | TV and Show & More News Headlines


The comedian made an accusation about alleged threats at the personal level. She made her Twitter account private.

One of the celebrities who first referred to the results of the last plebiscite was Natalia Valdebenito, who through social networks even accused harassment from people who supported the Rejection option.

“I understand that they are happy. But If I continue to receive threats on my phone, I will have to take other measures that I had not wanted to take until today.” he initially stated on Twitter.

Minutes later, the comedian made a live through Instagram, where she delved into these actions against her.

“I don’t understand why they celebrate like that, with violence. Go celebrate, have a good time. Celebrate with love. That was the slogan, right? Not even happy do they leave violence. Is that what’s coming?” he said.

“They have told me everything and now they continue and more. It doesn’t even serve them to win to be happy. I wanted to expose it because there is no need to hide these things, ”she added.

Annoyance of Natalia Valdebenito

Later he continued his story and assured that he will continue to publish his opinions on social networks.

“I’m doing this for protection. I’m afraid of what’s coming. But I was always safe and did not under my arms”, concluded.

It should be noted that Valdebenito was one of the first people, close to the Approval, to react to the results of the vote.

“It’s sad. And still the security of being in the right place, ”he said in a tweet, hinting at his disappointment.

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