Loreto in apparent calm regarding feared viruses and tropical diseases – Diario de Noticias y Actualidad de Loreto – Iquitos – Ucayali – Requena – Datem del Marañon – Mariscal Ramon Castilla – Alto Amazonas – Loreto – Maynas

  • It was possible to speak with the head of epidemiology of the health management, Dr. Carlos Álvarez.

Who gave the good news, but always recommending not to let your guard down, remembering that the health emergency continues for another 180 days.
Regarding the covid cases, he mentioned that some appeared sporadically, but without complications. “There is no one hospitalized for covid. A month ago there was a death. Now there are one or two cases that come out positive in the screening, but they are mild cases.
As soon as dengue is under control, we continue with focused fumigations, preparing ourselves because at the end of the year the rains increase again. We do have the necessary supplies.
On the subject of malaria, we have visited the province of Nauta because they have certain areas with an increase in cases. Brigades are entering there to do screening and the corresponding treatment. They will stay about 20 days in the communities.
And regarding monkeypox there have been 4 cases so far in the outbreak. Three cases that are stable have been discharged and one that is being monitored. Contacts have been taken care of and controlled,” Álvarez announced. (LMHL).

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