Kiyosaki says it’s time for “the poor get rich” with this investment

In the midst of a general decline in all markets, Robert Kiyosaki has an investment recommendation for “the poor get rich”. In fact, he says it’s time to do it.

Through a brief tweet, the author of the best-seller Rich father poor father commented that all markets are falling and that, as he had predicted, “the middle class is being annihilated”.

But in his opinion, the solution so that the poor can change sides in the future lies in a simple (and traditional) investment: the silver. It is not only, according to Kiyosaki, an asset with a great future in the markets. It is also something affordable for anyone. “Everyone can afford to buy silver, even the poor. Accumulate silver now », he wrote.

As Kiyosaki commented in his message, the price of silver is around $20 right now, according to Investing figures. According to his predictions, it would stay that way for at least 3 to 5 years and then go up to 100 and up to 500 dollars that it did not support with graphs.

Being below $20 today, silver is down more than 50% from its high of almost $50. In other words, Kiyosaki’s prediction points not only to a recovery but to a rise of up to 10 times with respect to that maximum, set more than a decade ago.

The price of silver hasn’t even hit $40 in over a decade. Source: Investing.

Recidivism with silver, and bitcoin?

Kiyosaki, a frequent commentator on the markets and the financial world on Twitter, did not support his prediction message with any type of technical or macroeconomic analysis. In contrast, among the responses to his tweet there are those who said “no, thanks”, accompanying with graphics of silver or questioning the wait of up to 5 years for yields that, according to some Twitter users, would be outperformed by bitcoin (BTC) or ether (ETH). The investor himself has previously referred to bitcoin as a protection asset against the crisis.

This is not the first time that the millionaire talks about the poor getting rich. In fact, just a few weeks ago he made a similar comment, although without referring to any particular investment but rather to the context of the global crisis, as we reviewed in CriptoNoticias.

Already at the end of July the investor had referred to the potential of silver. For this moment, precisely the precious metal had fallen towards 20 dollars and appeared in Kiyosaki’s eyes as the best possible investment of the moment.

Kiyosaki’s current comment appears to be little more than an endorsement of that position from a few months ago. However, it is good to remember that both this and any other investment recommendation should be taken with great caution, even if they come from people as renowned as Kiyosaki, nobody has the truth in their hands when it comes to the behavior of the markets.

An example of this has been Peter Schiff’s countless predictions about the end of bitcoin that have not come to pass. Kiyosaki himself commented earlier this year that he expects to see BTC visiting $1,100 per unit to buy more. So far, that prediction hasn’t aged very well.

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