King Charles III: This is how he spent his last hours before the death of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II († 96) passed away on Thursday September 8th. Her son Charles (73) was one of the first on site. How did the heir to the throne make it to his mother so quickly? A source reveals he celebrated with the former prince the night before.

The royal photographer Arthur Edwards dined with King Charles III the evening before the death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96). (73) and experienced the events on the day of death up close. Now he revealed to the British “Hello! Magazine” that he celebrated with King Charles the night before at “Dumfries House” and was therefore already in Scotland. They laughed and joked together, according to photographer Arthur Edwards.

Dumfries House is a mid-18th century manor house that Charles bought a few years ago to save from decay. His goal was to create a harmonious living environment with a future there. Today there are several modern facilities and educational workshops, as well as a teaching kitchen, tailoring, carpentry, drawing school, ancient breed farm, nursery and laboratory at Dumfries House.

Charles always spends a few days in the area, including shortly before the Queen’s death. The mansion is approximately a three hour drive from Balmoral Castle.

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King Charles left the hotel in a hurry in the morning

King Charles left his hotel in a hurry on Thursday morning. The photographer already suspected that something must have happened. Until the Queen’s final death, the new King Charles III. and his sister Princess Anne (72) by her side all the time. They watched over her bed, prayed and stood by her. The rest of the royals arrived later at Balmoral Castle.

King Charles: “It had to happen one day”

King Charles III and his wife Camilla returned to London less than 24 hours after the Queen’s death. As Arthur Edwards reported, he was the only photographer who met the two at the airport. King Charles III came up to him and asked him how he was doing. The photographer then expressed his condolences. Charles replied that it had to happen one day, patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

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