Inditex will undertake selective “single-digit” price increases in the autumn-winter campaign

He says that the collection of returns ‘online’ has been “extremely well accepted”, with no impact on sales


Inditex will undertake selective “single-digit” price increases in the autumn-winter campaign, as it has already done in the spring-summer campaign”, in a context marked by the war in Ukraine and inflationary tensions.

This has been revealed by the director of Capital Markets of Inditex, Marcos López, who has reaffirmed, however, “the stable price policy” of the company for the autumn-winter campaign.

“Despite having a stable price policy, when there are temporary impacts derived from inflation, in certain markets what is done is to try to adjust prices,” he pointed out.

In March, the company already anticipated that its intention to raise prices by an average of 2% in Spain and Portugal in the spring-summer campaign, although this increase would only impact a selection of products.

However, the CEO of Inditex, Oscar García Maceiras, stressed at that time that the company does not want to alter its business model of “high quality and reasonable prices”, so that the possible additional increases that the firm may consider will be ” selective” and will depend, among other factors, on the commercial formats and the products.

In relation to the collection of ‘online’ returns, which Zara began in specific markets last fall, Inditex has stressed that the measure has been “extremely well accepted” and “has had no impact at all” on sales.


In fact, “two good effects” have been seen: the increase in store returns and the reduction in the return period” by customers.

“Even from the perspective of sustainability, consumers understand that it is a trend that will be implemented throughout the industry in the coming years,” they have pointed out from the firm.

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