"I truly regret having agreed to act in it" Tiffany Haddish reacts to child sexual abuse allegation

Tiffany Haddish has released a statement to address the child sexual abuse accusations she’s facing.


Tiffany and Aries Spears are accused of grooming and molesting two underage children for a Funny or Die sketch in 2013.


The lawsuit alleges that Haddish coerced a 14-year-old girl into starring in a sexually suggestive video in which the Girls Trip star taught her how to imitate performing fellatio.


The girl claims her 7-year-old brother was taken to a home where the sketch, titled “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” was filmed. He was also allegedly molested by Haddish and Spears.


Reacting on Instagram, Haddish explained that she can’t say much because it’s an ongoing legal case.


She said the sketch in question was intended to be comedic but she now admits “it wasn’t funny at all”.


“I deeply regret having agreed to act in it,” she added.


See her statament below.



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