Fuel prices are “on fire” in Morocco, despite their drop internationally

The price of fuels on the international market has started to fall again to reach $86 per barrel, after reaching record highs that exceeded $120 per barrel in the first months of 2022. However, this drop has not been reflected in gas station price signs. in Morocco, where prices only change every 15 days, an equation to which the government has not found a solution.
Mustapha Chaoun, the national secretary general of the Democratic Organization of Intermodal Transport and Logistics, blamed this situation on the Competition Council, which has not yet submitted its detailed report on the subject, despite the appeal of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to do so. .
In a statement to Bayan Al-Youm newspaper, Chaoun pointed out that the rise in fuel prices negatively affects the prices of food and public transport services, which means that the average citizen pays for them in the market, calling on the government to take measures to protect the purchasing power of Moroccans.
The same spokesperson revealed that the organization had written to the minister delegate in charge of the budget, in order to allocate a system of partial quotation of fuels for the benefit of road transport professionals, in the finance bill for the year 2023, explaining that the current subsidy system has not paid off, as it has exceeded more than 54,000 supporting vehicles.
He made a number of observations related to the legality of this unjustified subsidy in the state budget, and the method of calculating it in parallel with the price per liter of gasoline and gasoline, which exceeds 14 dirhams, in addition to the problem related to the time of the subsidy, whether monthly, quarterly or annual, not to mention the absence of control in the list of beneficiaries which includes contractual vehicles whose vehicles are suspended from work, or purchased for the benefit of other businesses.
Mustafa Shaoun questions the Prime Minister’s speech on the sixth tranche of subsidies, while the fifth tranche has not been released for some professionals, stressing that the issue of fuel is of particular importance for the union in this social entry , in addition to other issues such as social protection and rehabilitation of the road transport sector, Amend obsolete and outdated laws.
The Democratic Organization for Multimodal Transport and Logistics calls on the government to publish a decree-law regulating the process of accompaniment, based on extracts and data from the database of vehicles benefiting from exceptional accompaniment through its five stages, as well as data from professional drivers in the taxi transport sector made available to the interests of the Ministry of the Interior, which are also included on the electronic platform.

Youssef Al Khader

Photography: Ahmed Aqil Makaw

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