‘Frustrated’ King Charles cusses, forgets date and whines about a pen during royal ceremony (video)

King Charles III got visibly frustrated Tuesday, September 13, during a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland.


First, the new monarch forgot today’s date, then he whined about a  pen.


“Is it September the 12th?” Prince Charles asked an aide, despite a calendar with date sitting right in front of him.


When told it was the 13th, he said, “Oh God, I’ve put the wrong date down.”


His wife, Queen Consort Camilla, then said to him rather sharply, “You signed the 12th earlier.”




The king then grew upset because of the pen he was using, which is suspected to have started leaking ink.


“Oh god, I hate this,” he said, after handing the bad pen to his wife.


Charles then stormed out of the room, leaving Camilla behind while she was still signing the paper after him.




“I can’t bear this bloody thing what they do, every stinking time,” the King continued cussing on his way out of the signing ceremony at Northern Ireland’s Hillsborough Castle.


This is the second time in days that the monarch has expressed frustration over his pen.


On Saturday, September 10, while officially being proclaimed the UK’s reigning monarch, Charles became visibly irritated when a pen holder got in the way of him signing documents and he furiously motioned for an aide to get it out of his way.


Watch the latest video below…


Watch Saturday’s video below.



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