Fire at Electric Scooter Showroom in Kerala Burns Down 12 Scooters, Property Worth Rs 17 Lakh

Emergency response teams at the electric scooter showroom in Kozhikode where the fire broke out. (Image: Asianet News)

In yet another incident that raises doubt on the safety of batteries in electric vehicles, an electric scooter caught fire in a Komaki dealership in Kozhikode, Kerala. The fire that erupted from the scooter’s battery soon engulfed the entire showroom and burnt down other electric vehicles (EV) units as well. Estimates suggest that property worth Rs 17 lakh was burnt down in the fire.

The incident is being reported from Kozhikode, where the fire broke out within the showroom of Komaki electric vehicles. As reported by Asianet News last week, the fire was caused by an electric scooter that had come in for a battery-related issue and was under repair. The battery caught fire and exploded while the technicians were working on it.

Luckily, no loss of life has been reported from the incident till now. The fire from the e-scooter, however, managed to engulf other electric scooters nearby, burning down a total of nine electric scooters completely. Three other e-scooters were partially affected, further increasing the damage caused. The total loss from the fire is estimated at about Rs 17 lakh.

As the fire broke out and started spreading within the Komaki dealership, those passing by the showroom quickly noticed it and informed the authorities. The Beach Fire Force responded by sending two fire fighting teams, which then doused the fire within half an hour of reaching the location.

Electric vehicles: prone to fires?

This is not the first of its kind incident to gain the limelight. We have seen such fire breakouts taking place in different makes of electric vehicles (mostly electric scooters), and in different parts of the country. Back in July, a total of 7 electric two-wheelers caught fire in a shop located in the Gangadham area of Market Yard, Pune.

Similar incidents have even resulted in the loss of lives, as people are made to question the safety and viability of electric vehicles again and again with such scary incidents. Whether there will be a permanent solution to the problem is yet unknown. Though we know that the Indian authorities are slowly introducing strict regulations around the making of both the EVs and the components used in them. This should likely set a safety standard for electric two-wheelers on sale across the country.

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