Fight anemia with this natural juice

Iron consumption is one of the main recommendations to prevent and deal with this condition and the best way to obtain it is through diet, which can include a drink rich in this mineral.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of the population suffers from iron deficiency anemia, caused by a lack of iron, one of the essential minerals that the body needs. Pregnant women, the elderly and children are the most affected populations.

In this sense, international media specialized in health report that beet juice can raise the levels of iron, folic acid and vitamins in the blood.

You can add chard, spinach, parsley and a whole lemon without skin to beet juice to provide a greater amount of vitamin C, a micronutrient that promotes iron absorption.

To prepare it, you need half a cup of spinach leaves, an equal amount of chard and chard leaves, a handful of parsley, a beet, a centimeter of ginger and a lemon without skin.

All the ingredients are washed, the skin is removed from the vegetables that contain it, they are cut into small pieces and the spinach, chard and parsley are soaked in water with vinegar for at least five minutes, then rinsed with plenty of water. All the ingredients are mixed in the blender and consumed immediately.

Although it is a natural product that helps raise iron levels in the blood, it is not a treatment, so it is recommended to consult a doctor.

How to prevent this disease?

The portal specialists Cinfasaludfrom Spain, make a series of recommendations that help prevent the development of this condition.

  • Eat varied: A diet with all food groups ensures that the body gets enough iron. Food sources of this mineral are beef, clams and mussels; walnuts, pistachios, toasted almonds; liver; sesame, watercress, Swiss chard, spinach; lentils, chickpeas, peas, lentil sprouts; wheat, bread, rice and oat bread.
  • Citrus foods: Orange or tangerine, broccoli, kiwi and melon juices are appropriate and improve iron absorption.
  • B12 vitamin: Deficiency of this vitamin can cause pernicious anemia. This nutrient can be found in beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy and any food enriched with it.
  • Take precautions if the person is pregnant: The nutritional needs for iron are doubled in pregnancy, so women in this state should follow a diet rich in iron, vitamin C and folic acid.
  • Avoid self-diagnosis: It is always advisable to go to the doctor instead of starting to take food supplements or vitamins on your own, because there is a risk of iron poisoning and also, if there is anemia, it may be caused by a serious problem that requires a different treatment.


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