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Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- Within hours of returning to the classroom, the Hermanos Lara primary school, in the Boquerón community, opened its doors for a frank exchange of neighbors with the highest authorities of the province, accompanied, in addition, by Yamila González Ferrer, vice president of the Union of Jurists of Cuba. At the center of the debate, the Family Code, which will be submitted to a popular referendum on the 25th throughout the national territory.

In the words of González Ferrer, this Code marks the present, since it is based on daily stories, while, in the same way, it offers the path to be followed by Cuban society in the near future. Likewise, the also member of the national committee of the Federation of Cuban Women, pointed out the importance of going to the polls with the commitment to lay the foundations for future generations, with inclusion and respect as moral support.

PP family code

Points such as parental responsibility, protection of the elderly, adoption of minors, support for people who assume the role of caregivers and the supportive womb, focused the exchange.

According to data offered by Cubadebate, once the stage of consultation with the population was overcome, the document received modifications in 47.93% of the general text and 49.15% of the total of its articles, meanwhile, it is up to the family to vote for a text by and for the people.

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