Endemol France partners with OKAST Channels & More Latest News


The Banjay Group subsidiary Endemol France has chosen the French answer OKAST Channels to launch its first FAST channels on Samsung TV Plus.

The new partnership is a part of the bold technique of the European consortium FAST4EU, created by OKAST, to develop a European ecosystem to deal with the FAST market.

Commenting on the event, Jean-François Rubinstein, MD of Endemol France, stated: “We are convinced of the potential of FAST and connected TV and have therefore chosen OKAST Channels, a French and European player, to support us in the deployment of our first channels. Thanks to their support and advice, we were able to get started in record time with the prospect of enhancing our catalogue as much as possible, while getting closer to our audience, is a major challenge for us”.

OKAST introduced a couple of weeks in the past the launch of the FAST channel Figaro Live in partnership with SECOM.

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