Donny M. confesses to kidnapping, abusing and killing 9-year-old Gino


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Donny M. has confessed that he kidnapped, abused and killed 9-year-old Gino in June. He did this at the first preparatory session in this case, in the court in Maastricht. The case has not yet been substantively dealt with today.

“What happened, what I did is horrible. This should never have happened,” said M. himself about the case. During interrogations, he is said to have said that he killed Gino in the bathroom. He would have smothered the boy there with a pillow.

A commotion arose in the courtroom as details about the case were discussed:

Donny M. confesses to killing 9-year-old Gino

Drugs administered

He would also have given the boy drugs: MDMA and Kamagra, a kind of Viagra. However, the Public Prosecution Service also takes other causes of death into account. Injuries that indicate a death by drowning would also have been found, but strangulation has not been ruled out either. A final report from the pathologist will follow to determine the cause of death.

Research into the psychological state of M. will be carried out from 17 October in the Pieter Baan Center. The Public Prosecution Service asked the judge for a postponement because it wants to wait for the pathologist’s report with a definitive answer about the cause of death.

His lawyer wanted that date to be maintained. According to her, M.’s memory is now fresh. “Memories can fade, so the longer we wait, the more is lost. And everyone has a right to know how this could have happened.” The judge went along with the argument of the lawyer of M.

The judge also ruled that M. remains in custody for the time being. The next hearing is scheduled for December 5.

Session stopped briefly

The hearing was halted shortly after it started because Gino’s mother started screaming at the suspect. The moment the Public Prosecution Service started the indictment, the mother became angry. She started screaming and calling to M. “My son”, she called after him.

The judge ordered her to sit down, but she refused, after which she was escorted out of the room by the police. The session was then temporarily suspended.

The 22-year-old suspect Donny M. was present in the room, just like the relatives of the victim. In addition to Gino’s mother and sisters, his father was also present in the room. In addition, there were about eight police officers in the courtroom to keep order.

Even before the start of the pro forma hearing, it was difficult for the mother to keep control of her emotions. Several times she was asked to remain calm and not disrupt the matter. Among other things, she yelled “monster” at him.

Understanding emotions

M. meanwhile continued to look straight ahead impassively, but was later also escorted out of the room. The case continued a few minutes later, but the mother was watching the case from another room via a video link.

The judge said he understood the emotional state of the mother, but also indicated that the case could not continue if it was interrupted all the time.

Even at the end of the first non-substantive case, emotions still rose for a while. Sister Kelly shouted to the suspect, “I’ll have you someday, boy, if it takes twenty years.”

9-year-old Gino was kidnapped from Kerkrade on June 1. He came from Maastricht but stayed with his sister. In Kerkrade he disappeared from a playground in the evening. A major search was launched by numerous volunteers and the police, using sniffer dogs, drones and a helicopter.

On June 4, his body was found in Geleen, not far from M’s home. Gino’s body was found after clues from the suspect.

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