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Donny M. (22) confesses that he kidnapped 9-year-old Gino from Kerkrade in the Netherlands on 1 June, sexually abused him, gave him drugs and then killed him. This became clear during the first non-substantive session in Maastricht in the case. The hearing had to be briefly interrupted because the mother of the child started screaming at the suspect.

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22-year-old Donny M. will appear in court in Maastricht on Wednesday in a first, non-substantive session in the case. According to the prosecution, Donny M. killed young Gino by smothering or strangling or drowning him. He would also have given him ecstasy and a kind of Viagra. Donny M. also confessed that he sexually abused the boy and that he choked the boy in the bathroom with a pillow.

Gino’s body was found a few days after his kidnapping in Geleen, near M.’s home. “What happened, what I did, is horrific and should not have happened,” said M. himself about the case.

“Dirty Rat”

Gino’s mother stood up screaming when the Public Prosecution Service read that Donny M. is suspected. She called Donny M. a “dirty rat”. At the start of the session, she also shouted at him that he is “a monster”.

During the hearing, it also emerged that in the period before Gino’s murder, he sexually abused another child under the age of ten and made child porn with it. The child was sleeping.


Gino disappeared on Wednesday 1 June while playing outside. He was last seen on a playing field in Kerkrade, where he was staying with a sister.

Hundreds of people made unsuccessful searches in the hope of finding the boy quickly. On June 4, the police arrested 22-year-old M. in his home in Geleen. Not much later he pointed out where Gino’s body was. This was a stone’s throw from his home, behind a burned-out building in the Landgraaf district. In addition to kidnapping, sexual abuse and murder, M. is also suspected of possessing and distributing child pornography.

The man was convicted in 2017 for assaulting and threatening two children and the abuse of at least one of them. It was recently announced that the Social Domain Supervision, a collaboration of four government inspectorates, will investigate to what extent M. has been provided with appropriate guidance, support and care.

Mom of previous victim of Donny M. (22) testifies: “As a 12-year-old he was said to be too young to be punished” (+)

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