CRIC disobeys order to evict invaded properties & More Latest News Here


The Cauca Regional Indigenous Council (CRIC) published a letter in response to the national government’s request to evict violently occupied private properties. The indigenous organization not only ignored the 48-hour deadline to abandon them, but also warned that it will continue to occupy new lands.

The letter, titled We are not leaving: this is our house to live and fight II, intends to speak to the “world” after the 48 hours are up, referring to President Gustavo Petro as the “big boss.”

“The great chief sends word that we are invaders and gives us 48 hours to abandon our fight and the land where we fight or the full weight of the law of the Colombian State will fall on us,” says the indigenous organization.

Faced with the occupation process, the CRIC assured that last September 2 marked the 17th anniversary of “having resumed the de facto ways to fight for the land”, calling the legal owners of the land “invaders”.

In addition, the letter assures that the “old and stable democracy of Latin America” ​​has not managed to evict them from the occupied farms, despite “400 attempts.”

“And we are not going to leave and we have been making progress with entering these lands, so much so that we already have 24 farms in the process of being released, there are already eight thousand hectares,” the letter reads, lands that would be owned by the Incauca company.

The indigenous defend the practices in the document. The group took the opportunity to criticize the government led by President Petro and Vice President Francia Márquez: “Now they have planted the lie that we are stealing the land from our neighbors in the Afro-descendant communities who live cornered on the banks of the cane fields.”

“Also the judicial apparatus of Colombian democracy says that because we are terrorists they are going to capture us at checkpoints or with arrest warrants and they are going to take us to jail,” added the CRIC, accusing the sugar farmers of allying with paramilitaries.

According to the CRIC, at the end of those 48 hours, the Army and ESMAD “attacked” the indigenous people who occupied private land. “There was no half hour of dialogue, as the new government had promised, the tank entered shooting gas. Later the army fired its long-range weapons against the communities that we liberated Mother Earth, there was no dialogue either, “says the organization.

Faced with this government reaction, the indigenous group recalled that, in 2005, former President Álvaro Uribe ordered an intervention by the Army and ESMAD. “This new government is from the left, the Uribe government was from the right.”

Finally, according to the CRIC, it was not possible to evict the indigenous people from the invaded properties.

“We and we, liberation process of Mother Earth of northern Cauca, we sent word to the big boss that we are NOT going to evict, that we stay here in these lands because this is our home to live and fight,” the organization reiterated.

In addition, they stressed that the governments of Álvaro Uribe, Juan Manuel Santos and Iván Duque did not tell them that they had 48 hours to vacate. “And we also tell them that we are not leaving because here in these lands in the process of liberation, 12 comrades have fallen since 2005, murdered by the private company of Incauca, Asocaña and Procaña, and by the Colombian state. Here we already take root”.

They will remain there, as the letter says, until the government processes the delivery of the documents to the indigenous authorities. “Either through agrarian reform or through the fastest way, and if it doesn’t do it for years and years, we will continue here.”

They also warned President Gustavo Petro that the occupations continue: “We also sent word to the great chief that we are going to enter other farms because our fight does not stop.”

Also, in the face of ESMAD’s intervention, they criticized the Government’s little intention of eliminating it, which was a campaign proposal. “We will continue our actions to root ourselves more with this land and so that our word has sustenance, because otherwise it would be like a decree or a campaign promise, which is written and signed, but not fulfilled”.

Finally, they invited the indigenous people of all the country’s territories not to evict the occupied lands and to continue the process of occupying other farms.

CRIC disobeys order to evict invaded properties
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CRIC disobeys order to evict invaded properties
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CRIC disobeys order to evict invaded properties
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