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A Guarantee Control Court ruled security measure and sent to jail retired Police Colonel Benjamín Núñezas allegedly responsible for the murder of three young people in Chochó, Sucre, on July 25, who were arbitrarily detained, falsely accused of participating in the crime of a police officer that same day, beaten and murdered.

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Núñez will remain in custody while the process against him progresses. The officer, who turned himself in in Mexico, He did not accept the charges brought against him by the Prosecutor’s Office and said that he will seek a negotiation with the Attorney General’s Office.

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The victims are José Carlos Arévalo, 21 years old; Jesús David Díaz, 20 years old (student and dancer), and Carlos Alberto Ibáñez, 26. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the young people were dedicated to their things when they were detained by uniformed men in a sector known as the Y, climbed onto the bed of an institution car and severely beaten.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, which was based on testimonies given by other police officers, it was Núñez who shot the young people, while they were totally defenseless, diminished, in custody and one of them had his hands tied.

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The court said that the measure taken is necessary since it considers that the evidence presented so far shows the seriousness of what happened, his role as operational commander and a possible impact on the case if the officer remains free.

“There was no manifestation of the reasons for which they were detained. AndMr. Benjamín Núñez cannot avoid said responsibility and did not try to review the detention procedure“said the judge.

The directing and subsequent acts to hide their crime and make the deceased appear to be members of the ‘Gulf clan’ are evident: judge

The official pointed out that there are indications that the officer tried to alter the evidence in the case, since he gathered the uniformed officers in his charge and asked them to lie and the ammunition was manipulated.

“This is firm evidence of the intention that prevails in Núñez to avoid being tried. The directing and subsequent acts to hide their illicit and make the deceased appear to be members of the ‘Gulf clan,’” the judge added.

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ANDThe official took into account that Núñez left the country in the middle of the investigation to say that keeping him free could put the process at risk and, for this reason, decided to dictate an insurance measure to him in a prison center, but to a special pavilion for public servants due to his risk situation.

The judge specified that it must be a place of confinement that must be managed by Inpec and not a prison for uniformed men. The officer’s defense appealed the decision.

What was taken into account

The judge took into account the autopsies of the victims that detailed the injuries and wounds from the shots received by the victims, which showed that these were made at a distance of between 30 and up to 150 centimeters and that they were placed in a defenseless situation. And they point out that the weapon used was that of Colonel Núñez.

Likewise, it took into account the testimonies of the families and friends of the victims who detailed the moment in which they were detained, the concern of the community about what was happening and the fact that Carlos Ibáñez, one of the victims, was not initially detained, but stayed to help a friend of his who was there and in the apartment.

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And they report that one of the young people was injured prior to the event because he was hit, apparently by a police officer, who was busily trying to disperse a group of people. So they put him on a motorcycle to seek medical attention when he was detained at the checkpoint.

In addition, he noted that according to the evidence available to date, the aggressor of the patrolman who was killed that day is presumably of a robust build. The judge in the case highlighted the testimonies of the other policemen, about the way in which the young people were located, the fact that they said they had not done anything, among others.

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ANDThe prosecutor pointed out that Núñez took advantage of the young people, who were beaten, one of them was even tied up, and then tried to cover up the facts.

“Despite having spent at least seven cartridges, you replaced them to torpedo the investigation, thereby attempting to evade your responsibility for the death of the three young people. This is how you knew that you were depriving three people of their liberty without mediation.” arrest warrant, he fired in revenge, injuring his life,” said the prosecutor in the case.

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Their names were Jesús David Díaz, Carlos Alberto Ibáñez and José Carlos Arévalo.

Officer requested protection for threats

In this process, the officer sent a letter in which he asked for security, alleging that he, his wife and three children had been the victim of threats, both because of what happened due to the issue of the clan’s ‘pistol plan’ of the gulf.

According to what he said, the security situation motivated the transfer of his family from Sucre to Bogotá. In addition, he said that since he was no longer in the Police, he would be unprotected.

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Victims’ lawyer denounces threats

Hannibal Gary, one of the victims’ lawyers said that on September 13 he received threats in a text message, saying that if the colonel was sent to jail, his life was in danger.

And he pointed out that he also received a call from a brother of Colonel Núñez. For this reason, he asked that the National Police be notified to investigate these facts that he denounces. Given this, the colonel’s defense countered and, for a moment, there was a strong exchange of words.

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Colonel Núñez: court sends him to jail for triple crime – Investigation – Justice
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Colonel Núñez: court sends him to jail for triple crime – Investigation – Justice
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Colonel Núñez: court sends him to jail for triple crime – Investigation – Justice
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