#BBNaija: Netizens remind Toke Makinwa of her abusive marriage following her comments on Bella and Sheggz relationship

Media personality Toke Makinwa has been trolled online about her abusive marriage over her comments on BBNaija season 7, Level Up housemates, Bella and Sheggz’s ‘toxic’ relationship.

Toke Makinwa was trolled a few hours after Bella and Sheggz settled their dispute after a hot argument ensued between them.

There was an uproar this morning in Biggie’s house when Bella and Sheggz exchanged words over the latter’s controlling attitudes and constant complaints about her lifestyle.

According to reports, Sheggz argued with Bella because she hugged Deji and danced with other housemates during their Saturday night party.

While speaking to Doyin regarding his issues with Bella, Sheggz claimed he is no longer interested and would never return to her, even if she comes begging.

During the course of their conversation, Bella lashed out at Sheggz, telling him to create his typical woman that would meet his criteria. However, she also hinted that intimacy was one of their issues.

Toke Makinwa’s reaction to the toxic moments between the BBNaija hit couple did not sit well with a fan who dragged her past relationship into the discussion.

Toke Makinwa tweeted: When you’re tired, you don’t say you are tired, when it’s over, you don’t say it’s over, you both have nothing else to give and everyone just moves on. All this I’m tired, I’m done, it’s over a thousand times… Everyone knows na begging for still settle am.

Rescued ke??? Someone that loves the attention, she’s under the covers, good luck with your rescue mission.

Troll responded: There is no way anybody who has endured an abusive partner can watch Shella and not get triggered. Toke Makinwa lied about Maje, it makes sense that she would victim blame and be an abuse apologist.

Another responded thus: I am so disappointed with you, Toke,u stayed in an abusive relationship/ marriage for 13years, and you are here condemning another person in a confined space…Wel done ooo

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