Atlético de Madrid: The 7 sins of Atlético

Do not carburize the Atlticor on your visit to Leverkusen, a game that should serve to channel the classification and that ends up complicating the group stage again. The defeat against a team in crisis, in the catacombs of the Bundesliga classification, once again raises doubts in a team that lives a permanent roller coaster.

Not even the gross refereeing error of the penalty not called must ignore the reality of an Atlético that has two defeats in the first seven official matches. Some improper data with a Simeone who continues to send messages in front of the microphones. The last one, that the team plays better with the ‘punished’ Griezmann. Here the 7 rojiblancos sins.

Summary and goals of Bayer Leverkusen 2-0 Atltico de Madrid

Joao has to be decisive

It seemed that this would be the season where joao flix kick down the door to stardom. It seemed, we say, because the Portuguese stands out with the ball on his feet, he is the undisputed starter but he does not score. Seven duels, zero goals. An unexpected blackout when in theory he plays closer to the rival area than ever.

The medullary is surpassed by the rivals and does not play at all

It’s not easy for Joao and the other strikers when it costs the midfielder a world to dominate the game and cause chances. Koke he dances between the midfielder and the interior and the pieces don’t quite fit it doesn’t matter if he plays Sal, Llorente, Lemar or De Paul. Playing with three, moreover, leaves them inferior to their rivals, who are passing over them in a position where everything is cooked.

The best central is a midfielder

Simeone has four pure centrals and reality makes the best in that demarcation Witsel, a reconverted midfielder. Injuries leave KO again Giménez and Savic while Felipe and Hermoso are not here to compete at the first level because of their rude mistakes. Not even playing with three in the center lightens the feeling of fragility that already existed last year.

Griezmann on the bench

“We played better with Griezmann”, Simeone pointed out to prolong the farce that one of the best in the team cannot be a starter. For the seventh game in a row, the Frenchman lived the start on a bench where the owner, El Cholo, looks powerless for not being able to line up one of his stars. A situation that must be resolved now for the good of all parties.

Simeone does not stop at the penalty: “There is the referee, the VAR, you…”

Simeone does not hit the key

Simeone obviously has his share of the blame of this lack of control that is seen in some Atletico games. I finished last season acknowledging that he did not hit the key with the system and it seems that nothing has changed. The constant changes of positions do not help and some players seem disoriented and without knowing exactly what they should do.

Pasqus, in The TribeRadio BRAND

Physically they are surpassed by any rival

One of the evils of the current Atltico is that there seems to be lost the freshness of legs that allows him to fight the matches from the physical and intensity side. Perhaps because of the profile of the current squad, perhaps because it is no longer that team that bites and passes over its rivals. Not even this year that there was a stage in San Rafael seems to recover that vital physique in today’s football.

The team plays with anxiety with an environment that does not help

All of the above may explain the anxiety with which the team plays in many moments. At home it is more noticeable but also in games in which it seems that the pressure of being in the eye of the hurricane can overcome them. It does not help to relieve him of a certain environment that adds fuel to the fire instead of calming the waters and reinforcing the figure of a coach who lives through difficult hours.

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